Accelerometers are used to measure the vibration of an object for the purposes of product testing and development as well as industrial machinery health monitoring management. In both instances, test engineers use accelerometers to gather critical data to find faults and adjust the design of testing object accordingly.

In the case of industrial machinery health monitoring management, vibration data allows engineers to find minor faults before they turn into catastrophic failures which lead to unanticipated down time.

Dytran carries a wide range of piezoelectric and VC MEMS sensors so you can properly monitor and test your products and equipment to prevent performance failures. 

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Piezoelectric Accelerometers

Piezoelectric accelerometers offer the highest reliability and measurement range due to the use of piezoelectric crystal materials such as quartz and man-made ceramics. When the material is stressed, or “squeezed”, a quantity of electric change from the piezoelectric material in direct proportion to the input, creating analogous electrical output signals.

Piezoelectric sensors produce very high resonant frequencies making them well-suited for measurement of rapidly changing dynamic phenomena. Due to the extensive temperature range, piezoelectric sensors are suitable for cryogenic conditions that occur onboard rocket testing as well as extreme heat conditions that occur in turbine testing.


Dytran variable capacitance (VC) accelerometers offer exceptional measurement accuracy and robust packaging for reliable operation in harsh environments. These high-quality sensors feature internal MEMS sensing elements and can be used for measuring low-frequency response down to 0 HZ, steady state-linear acceleration as well as low-frequency dynamic events.

Dytran VC MEMS accelerometers are used in dynamic applications across various industries including flight tests, transportation environment replication/simulation, modal & structural analysis, ride quality, road load, tilt, and inclination measurements.


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