Sensors for Automotive Test & Evaluation

Dytran designs and manufactures highly engineered piezoelectric and VC MEMS accelerometers, dynamic force sensors, and pressure transducers for automotive product development testing and embedded solutions.

Dytran accelerometers provide design engineers with critical data to help improve vehicle reliability, durability, safety, and ride quality.


  • Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH): Dytran offers a comprehensive line of automotive AC and DC sensors for internal and external NVH in full-vehicle, component, and sub-assembly tests to improve vehicle reliability, durability, safety, and ride quality.
  • Road load, durability, and ride quality: Dytran sensors put objective data behind subjective ride quality impressions under any load condition. VC-MEMS sensors provide excellent phase response between measurement points. Rugged, hermetically sealed designs survive tough 4-poster shaker testing.
  • Brake, transmission, and powertrain: Sensors in this category are used in test cell environments to evaluate, improve and smooth rotating components and assemblies to eliminate unwanted oscillations/imbalances/gear mesh noise that can affect the full vehicle.
  • Modal analysis: Accelerometers used for modal analysis of frames, panels, and body-in-white studies must be lightweight, exhibit very low amplifier noise, and have an excellent low-frequency response. Dytran modal sensors assure a clean response signal, and their small size and low mass prevent structural mass loading effects.
  • Exhaust system testing: Automotive exhaust systems are a major source of vibration and noise and must be characterized to eliminate unwanted NVH inputs to the vehicle structure and to passengers. Dytran high-temperature accelerometers can be mounted anywhere on the system, from the manifold to the tailpipe, to measure a wide input of frequencies and amplitudes through the operating temperature range of the system.
  • Whole-body and hand-arm vibration measurements: Study Whole Body Vibration (WBV) and Hand-Arm Vibration (HAV) to validate occupational health and safety standards or ride quality characteristics in automobiles, buses, farm & heavy equipment, trucks, and construction vehicles. Dytran’s low noise, low frequency accelerometers are ideal for WBV frequencies in the 1-8 Hz range, and for HAV frequencies in motorcycles and mountain bikes up to the highest limit of structure-borne resonance frequencies.
  • Small structures/mounting plates: Small structures resonate at higher frequencies and the quality of the measurement can be adversely affected by the mass of response accelerometers. Excessive mass can change the natural response of the structure or test article by imparting unwanted damping effects. When studying modal responses of small structures, it is critical to select accelerometers of the lowest possible mass. The accelerometers in this section are among the lowest mass sensors in the industry, assuring a proper measurement response.
  • Sensors for electric vehicle testing: Determine the long-term durability and performance of electric vehicle components with our rugged shock and vibration sensors. Dytran offers an expansive line of piezoelectric and Variable Capacitance (VC) MEMS accelerometers that feature electrical isolation to prevent ground loops and help you find the sources of gear whine, motor noise and structure-borne noise.
  • Portable vibration recorders: Dytran’s line of recorders offers an innovative cost-effective solution for capturing critical vibration data in real-world applications. Offered in various configurations, these compact, and lightweight units include easily installed user-configurable software that optimizes data collection. Internal accelerometers eliminate the need for external cable runs and complex signal conditioning. Robust anti-aliasing filters ensure data integrity. Test data is stored on a convenient removable memory SD card that plugs directly into your laptop. All VibraCorder™ products feature internal rechargeable batteries and remote power options for short and long duration tests. RoHS & CE certification pending.


  • Accurate and reliable measurements in a wide range of environments
  • Rugged and durable designs for demanding test applications
  • Wide range of sensor types and configurations to meet your specific needs
  • Expert technical support to help you choose the right sensors for your application

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