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Database dei materiali premium

It can be technically challenging to simulate fatigue failure, but it's impossible to get accurate fatigue life calculations without specific and reliable materials data. Fatigue life prediction methods commonly used in industry are empirically derived based on performing laboratory tests at a range of different load levels. It’s often that material databases provide basic static mechanical properties but not much data on fatigue. This limited data has often meant that companies commission materials tests to gather data on individually-tested fatigue curves.

We help companies avoid the cost of acquiring this material data by utilizing our own state-of-the-art material testing capabilities to provide over 130 reliable, high-quality fatigue parameters for commonly used steels and aluminium alloys in our Premium Materials Database.

Material selection based on names and corresponding specifications


Selecting required material is easy within Premium Materials Database as they are identified according to international standards (ISO, DIN, WNR, UNS, etc.) wherever possible. Statistical estimates of scatter are also provided to enable reliability and certainty of survival percentages to be assessed. Most recent additions include Strain-life data for additive manufacturing materials, including:

  • Ti6Al4V – PM HIP
  • Ti6Al4V – Vertical Standard HIP
  • Ti6Al4V – Vertical Non Heat Treated
  • Ti6Al4V – Horizontal Standard HIP
  • Ti6Al4V – 45 Degrees Standard HIP

The database is available through our token-based licensing system or annual subscription.