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Licenze basate su token

Annual leased access to nCode

nCode Complete Durability System (CDS) is a token-based licensing system that provides access to GlyphWorks, DesignLife, VibeSys, and the Premium Materials Database. It offers flexible licensing and grants users unparalleled access to powerful analysis tools for processing measured data, calculating CAE fatigue life, and other durability-related analysis techniques.

When launched, each product option draws a specified number of tokens from your organization's shared cache; upon closing the product, the tokens are released back to the organization's shared cache for other users to access. All users within the organization can choose to run any configuration of applications, up to the limit of available units.



  • Utilize the applications at a fraction of the cost of purchasing the same software for each user.
  • Easily try product options without having to purchase individual modules.

Highly flexible


  • Access any combination of nCode software product options as needed.
  • Understand license utilization with helpful quarterly reports.

Full enterprise connectivity


  • Streamline your engineering processes by utilizing a single environment covering test to simulation.
  • Ensure the entire organization is up-to-date by gaining access to all updates and new releases.