Data Acquisition Hardware that Brings Clarity to Structural Dynamics – HBK Fusion CCLD Board

close-up of an HBK FUSION CCLD Board from the data acquisition system and hardware HBK FUSION

Understanding modal behaviour is key to structural dynamics. Success in the early stages of design and development requires assessment of the eigenfrequencies of a structure in order to avoid resonances. But that means capturing complex data about structure excitation, meaning numerous accelerometers and active transducers need to be measured in parallel.

With the HBK FUSION CCLD Board, get an industry-leading dynamic range of 160 dB and the highest phase match between input channels. Test with confidence using advanced diagnostics, ensuring correct cabling and making it easy to verify your measurement chain. When your measurements are mission critical, count on us.

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Future-proof structural dynamics

  • Measure flexibly with changeable front panels for different connector types and additional functionality
  • Built on the foundation of proven CCLD experience
  • Standardised Open Platform Communications with OPC UA for data exchange
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Designed for reliability

  • Avoid issues such as ground loops with multiple cable check options
  • Use unique technology to verify your measurement chain
  • Use a traceable calibration certificate to verify board accuracy
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Effortlessly accurate

  • Achieve precision for low and high signals with a low noise floor and dual ADCs
  • Benefit from a very high phase match (<1° at 25 kHz)
  • Work flexibly with a dual sample rate domain optimised for frequency domain (binary) and time domain (decimal)

The Ideal FUSION CCLD Board for Every Test

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