Data Acquisition Hardware for Accurate Structural Testing – HBK FUSION Bridge Board

close-up of an HBK FUSION Bridge Board from the data acquisition system and hardware HBK FUSION

Your time-to-market advantage depends on making the right decisions at the right time. High accuracy is as important as the efficiency and reliability you achieve in your test. Therefore, an open, powerful, future-proof structural testing system is crucial.

Whether you’re measuring strain, force,  displacement, pressure, or temperature, the HBK FUSION Bridge Board gives you every relevant metric in one place. With the highest standards of data quality and efficiency.

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Future-proof structural testing

  • Use one board for all measurements, from strain and force to pressure, and temperature
  • Get the advantage of our industry-proven strain gauge experience
  • Stay adaptable with standardised interfaces
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A reliable bridge board

  • Suppress electromagnetic noise with carrier frequency excitation
  • Use wire resistance compensation for cable lengths up to 150 m
  • Test with confidence with onboard traceable calibration certificates

Power meets usability

  • Get started faster with smart measurement point documentation and automated channel configuration
  • Connect quickly and easily with RJ45 sockets
  • Get up to 10 V excitation for full bridges and active transducer supply on every channel

HBK FUSION Bridge Board

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Built for Lasting Performance and Stability

The HBK FUSION Bridge Board also features patented wiring configurations, compensating for wire resistances and increasing your long-term stability.

With support for DC and carrier frequency excitation, you can choose between higher bandwidth at 2 kHz, or higher noise immunity. All with onboard support for all relevant completions, including 120-, 350-, and 1000-ohm strain gauges.

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