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Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

By performing long-term continuous Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) it is possible to monitor and track a structure’s state and carry out condition-based maintenance to ensure structural integrity.

Structures degrade over time due to use, harsh environmental conditions, and accidental events. Using continuous, long-term Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) makes it possible to follow the structural state and determine the required health management of the structure such as the organization of maintenance and repair.

Structural Health Monitoring is a very important objective for end-users, manufacturers, and maintenance teams as it:

  • Allows for optimal use of structures
  • Minimizes downtime
  • Can avoid catastrophic failures
  • Extends lifetime of structures
  • Helps improve the design of structures
  • Helps optimize the organization of maintenance services

System Suggestion

structural dynamics

Our SHM solutions cover the complete measurement and analysis chain. They include automatic data upload and processing, mode tracking, damage detection, and drift analysis. Notification (alert) services such as visual, auditive, email, and web services can be configured.

Our damage detection algorithms work in the physical domain using state-space models instead of in the reduced modal domain. This gives a more robust detection with the highest possible accuracy.

Video: Brüel & Kjær Structural Health Monitoring

Video: Structural Health Monitoring of a Wind Turbine Blade

Video: Predictive Structural Health Monitoring of Wind Turbine Blades


BZ-8550 - BZ-8554

Structural Health Monitoring

Structures degrade over time due to usage, harsh environmental conditions and accidental events. Performing long-term, continuous structural health monitoring makes it possible to monitor a structure’s state and carry out condition-based maintenance to ensure structural integrity.


PULSE TYPE 8760 + 8762

Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) Software

Operational modal analysis software for post-measurement modal analysis of structures under operating conditions without artificially exciting the structure.



ODS Analysis Software

Intuitive ODS analysis software for determining and visualizing the vibrational pattern of a structure under given operating conditions. The analysis software provides an in-depth understanding of a structure under operating conditions, required to improve the structural health.


TYPE 4507-B

Piezoelectric CCLD Accelerometer, TEDS, 1 mV/g, Side Connector, 1 Slot, Excl. Cable

Designed for modal analysis measurements.


TYPE 4524-B

Triaxial CCLD Piezoelectric Accelerometer, TEDS

Designed for structural analysis measurements.


TYPE 8340

CCLD Seismic Accelerometer with Top Connector

Seismic Accelerometer designed with high sensitivity and ideal for large structures (at very low frequencies), measuring low-level seismic activity.


TYPE 8344

Piezoelectric DeltaShear Accelerometer with TEDS

DeltaShear® Accelerometer Type 8344 features TEDS, and is designed for low-level measurement, low noise and high sensitivity.