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Shock Response Spectrum (SRS)

The Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) is used to determine the damage potential of components and systems from transient events, such as pyroshocks, in order to ensure their survival in known environments.

A single transient shock event such as a pyroshock or a structural impact can damage components in a structural system. Similarly, earthquakes can cause catastrophic failures in bridges and buildings. And with any motion input into a system, the response can be amplified by structural resonances, increasing the damage. 

By calculating the shock response spectrum (SRS) from transients in the time domain, it can be determined how shocks affect a structure.

System suggestion

Durability testing system overview

BK Connect Shock Response Spectrum Analysis software supports all five SRS models described in the ISO 18431-4:2007 standard. Combined with the nine ordinary criteria for amplitude calculations (shock instances), up to 45 response types can be calculated to match your requirements.

Special shock accelerometers for high-level and high-frequency measurements are part of our complete measurement and analysis chain.


TYPE 8429

BK Connect Shock Response Analysis

Application that computes the shock response spectrum (SRS) from transients in the time domain to determine the damage potential of transient events such as pyroshock.


BZ-8550 - BZ-8554

Structural Health Monitoring

Structures degrade over time due to usage, harsh environmental conditions and accidental events. Performing long-term, continuous structural health monitoring makes it possible to monitor a structure’s state and carry out condition-based maintenance to ensure structural integrity.


PULSE TYPE 8760 + 8762

Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) Software

Operational modal analysis software for post-measurement modal analysis of structures under operating conditions without artificially exciting the structure.


TYPE 8309

Piezoelectric Charge Shock Accelerometer, Integral Side Cable

Designed for measurement of very high level, continuous vibration and mechanical shock up to 150 kms-2 and 1000 kms-2 peak, respectively.


TYPE 4375

Sub-Miniature Piezoelectric Charge Accelerometer

This sub-miniature charge accelerometer is designed for high-frequency measurements in confined spaces and on delicate structures. The accelerometer is designed with side connector and integral cable.