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Elevated Safety, Accuracy, and Performance for Robotics and Cobotics

3d rendering robotic arm with conveyor line

The final piece of the puzzle for your advanced robotic and cobotic systems. Customised sensor solutions allow robotics and cobotics OEMs to seamlessly coordinate data with control functions.

For robots, this means collecting the vast range of signals that allow control algorithms to optimise efficiency and performance. – This helps your customers speed up processes, reduce costs, and keep up with the increasing demand for automation.

For cobots, this means supplying cobotics systems with data that determines when and how the cobot will act – speeding up or taking over repetitive, low-value tasks, without putting human partners at risk.

HBK’s customised solutions allow you to tailor and optimise everything from sensors to electronics and connections. Implement them to measure torque, mass, pressure, and more – and obtain the necessary data when standard sensors can’t meet your requirements.

Perfectly coordinating data, so that control functions work flawlessly. Combine your product engineers’ knowledge with HBK engineers' OEM sensor expertise to build safer, more durable, and more efficient robots and cobots. And pushing back technological constraints, enables you to innovate further and faster.

Automation industry concept with 3d rendering robot assembly line in factory

In the world of industrial robotics, strain gauge sensors provide a precise, real-time picture of mechanical strain – giving you the information you need to monitor everything from structural integrity to load distribution.

A custom sensor solution unlocks new levels of accuracy and control for industrial robotics OEMs. By adapting to the context, design, and application of your robots, custom sensor solutions allow you to collect better data, reduce the need for maintenance and repairs, and develop a clearer understanding of the performance of your technology. 

Get to know more about some applications of custom strain gauge sensors in Industrial Robotics in our white paper!

Future technology in black prosthetic hand on white. 3ds max render / Futuristic innovation - artificial arm

Customised sensor systems are essential for the safe, efficient, and accurate operation of industrial cobots.

When robots and humans work side by side, it is essential that the cobot has a clear, real-time understanding of its environment and its internal operations. The data collected by custom strain gauge systems allows cobots to collaborate with humans in a way that maximises productivity and minimises the chance of accidental injury.
Humans are essentially unpredictable, which means any cobot must be able to respond quickly and effectively to the activities of humans around them.

From detecting unexpected forces and stresses to reacting to unexpected collisions or controlling the amount of force applied during gripping and manipulation tasks, they are essential for keeping workers safe.

Get to know more about some applications of custom strain gauge sensors in Cobotics in our white paper!

Medical technology concept with 3d rendering surgery robot

Medical robotics is a field that requires precision, safety, and efficiency. A robot’s performance can have a significant impact on both a patient’s comfort and the efficiency of their treatment.

In this field, custom strain gauge sensor systems allow OEMs to build medical robots that last longer, work with more dexterity, and respond more effectively to their environment.

As medical robots continue to grow in popularity, these finely tuned sensor systems help OEMs stand out from the competition – and give them the chance to lead the next phase of the market’s evolution.

Farmer seeding, sowing crops at field. Sowing is the process of planting seeds in the ground as part of the early spring time agricultural activities.

Custom strain gauge sensor systems in agricultural robotics are helping OEMs to revolutionise the farming sector. Providing new levels of insight and control, a custom strain gauge sensor system takes the efficiency of agricultural robotic equipment to new heights.

In the process, customers unlock the ability to optimise their processes, improve proft margins, and significantly reduce wastage.

The agricultural robotics sector is on the cusp of a major boom in popularity – a time of intense competition and enormous opportunity. By using custom strain gauge sensor systems to optimise product performance, OEMs can stand above and beyond the competition, and win significant market share in the process.

Complete Customisation helps You Optimise Every Element

You’ve honed every component of your robot or cobot and now your sensors receive the same treatment. Finite element analysis helps us simulate sensor performance under a wide range of loads and conditions – allowing you to build a sensor that’s accurate, reliable, and cost-effective.

  • Robust and reliable - Sensor design is built to withstand your product’s unique stressors – from temperature variations to motion and vibration. Delivering a sensor that runs for longer and offers unparalleled accuracy.
  • Fits like a glove - Choose custom communication protocols and interfaces to match your robot / cobot’s design – ensuring seamless integration.
  • Compact and carefully designed - Custom design enables HBK to use space as efficiently as possible when building your sensor, using flex PCBs and custom components and coatings to minimise its footprint.
  • Measure what matters - Customise your sensor setup to gather precisely the data you need to deliver safe, efficient performance.

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