Electric Power

Whether automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, production, or energy generation and distribution: they all need electric power, and e-mobility is key on our way towards an emission-free future. Development engineers across industries work hard to increase the efficiency of critical and auxiliary systems while cutting costs and shortening development times.

Extensive testing with advanced testing methods and equipment allows engineers to understand the dynamic behaviour of components and systems, and to optimize it. HBK’s dedicated electric power testing solutions simplify testing by combining all components of the measurement chain into a single source of truth – real-time, reliable, reproducible.

Explore Electric Power Testing by Application

High voltage transformer against the blue sky. Electric current redistribution substation

There is a continuous challenge to test the quality and efficiency of power  generation, ​as well as the stability and quality of the grid itself. Modern grids are highly complex energy distribution systems, and advanced test methods help engineers to understand and optimize grid behaviour. 

Power quality

Sudden load changes, interferences by external power consumption, or any other fault: Monitoring a grid’s effect on the real world and vice versa is essential to ensuring safe and stable energy distribution. HBK helps you stabilise power quality.

Microgrids and DC grids

The vast array of sub-grids and microgrids includes the European DC backup grid under development, as well as on-board grids of an airplane or a ship. Our power testing experts assist you with optimising these sub-systems on component and system level.

Nuclear power plant after sunset. Dusk landscape with big chimneys.

Complete isolation of all measurement chain components, compliance with international IEC standards on High-Voltage (HV) testing, yet strict cost control – HV testing is performed under the most stringent safety and reliability regulations. HBK offers hardware and software solutions designed specifically for the purpose. 

Multi-level inverter testing

Optimizing modern inverter systems requires innovative measuring instruments. The HBK equipment is ideally suitable for precise power measurements on all components — including measurements at multiple high voltage levels at stacked inverters.

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