Material Characterization & Fatigue Testing Services

Material characterization and fatigue testing

The Advanced Materials Characterization & Test facility (AMCT) is operated by HBM Prenscia located in Rotherham, United Kingdom. Conducting materials testing for over a two decades, the AMCT facility is focused on providing customers with fully characterized and interpreted material parameters ready for use in mechanical FEA or fatigue analysis.

Its range of materials testing services include materials assurance, material characterization, and specialized testing projects. The AMCT facility offers a unique combination of in-house expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, delivering results that enable its customers to achieve real cost reduction, meet environmental targets, and increase confidence in product durability.

Services offered:

All material testing services are performed at the ISO 9001 certified Advanced Materials Characterization & Testing Facility (AMCT) operated by HBM Prenscia. All test equipment is calibrated to United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS) standard by accredited bodies.
  • Tensile and compression tests with full evaluation of basic mechanical properties
  • Strain-controlled fatigue tests for Basquin, Coffin-Manson, Smith-Watson-Topper and Ramburg-Osgood curves with full evaluation of regression and design curves
  • Load-controlled fatigue tests for Basquin curves with full evaluation of regression and design curves
  • High temperature tensile, creep and fatigue tests in strain or load control between -40 to 1100°C
  • Analysis of Iso-thermal SN and EN curves or analysis of advanced Chaboche thermo-mechanical fatigue properties
  • Fatigue crack growth testing on CT specimens for generation of da/dN curves
  • Testing to recognized standards, in-house customer standard or development of bespoke tests for advanced materials and components
  • In-house design and manufacture of test specimens and required test equipment
  • Full specimen preparation from stock materials or customer-supplied materials
  • Extraction of specimens from real components
  • Fatigue testing of jointed materials
  • Tensile and fatigue testing of advanced engineering polymers
  • Testing of civil engineering elastomeric materials
  • Fatigue tests for axial, torsion, rotating bend, 4 point bend or custom tests