Whether you are limited on time or have the right tools but lack expertise, our technical team is available for consulting projects to solve your engineering challenges. With decades of combined experience solving fatigue and durability issues across a broad range of industries, we offer engineering services to help solve real world problems: 

CAE fatigue design assessments

  • Fatigue assessment of metals, composites, welds, and joints
  • Post-processing based on customer-owned FEA results
  • Linear-static, transient, modal, spectral analysis, etc.

Measured data analysis

  • Digital signal processing and data cleansing of huge data sets
  • Analog time series data – strain, acceleration, displacement, thermal, GPS, etc.
  • Digital data – CAN bus, aircraft bus data, etc.
  • Automated reporting setup

Structural dynamics

  • Modal analysis and correlation with FEA
  • Human perception to vibration
  • Vibration of rotating machinery

Accelerated durability testing

  • Vibration qualification of components on aircraft, ground vehicle and rotating machinery
  • Vehicle structure test
  • Optimized proving ground scheduling and target customer analysis

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