Why Do Electrification Engineers Choose nCode GlyphWorks?

nCode GlyphWorks offers advanced digital signal post-processing tools to analyze the performance and endurance of an electric powertrain.

GlyphWorks can assist in characterizing torque-ripple and its effects on damage, assessing the dynamic responses through frequency domain analyses, estimating powertrain efficiency based on the assessment of electrical and mechanical power, etc.

In nCode 2022, the improved Electric Power glyph offers a new method for calculating electric power results, referred to as the Instantaneous method. This method offers a much more accurate estimate of the AC reactive and apparent power. It also allows one to observe how power evolves at a much higher time resolution, enabling electrification engineers to further optimize the electric powertrain and increase the vehicle range.

This webinar will explore these latest developments and will feature many example use cases.

Originally presented on April 13, 2022