Understand Electric Power from Digitized Electric Powertrain Data

Accurate electric power assessment is essential for optimizing the motor control and estimating the vehicle range.

Data acquisition systems such as HBK eDrive power analyzer excel at collecting high-speed electrical and mechanical digitized data. Digital signal post-processing algorithms offered in nCode GlyphWorks enables the dynamic power over all component systems and operating states to be analysed. Calculating power in the post-data acquisition phase allows more complex analysis scenarios to take place. For example, more in-depth characterization of the performance of the inverter and the electric motor. This is especially important when considering that the electrical inverter produces a frequency-modulated, non-sinusoidal, transient dynamic output signal, which is a source of inefficiency. Sensitivity analysis or what-if scenarios can be evaluated to optimize the electric motor controller. Detailed efficiency maps can be produced, showing power, efficiency or losses for all electric motor states.

This webinar will cover some examples of how nCode GlyphWorks can be used to process electrical and mechanical digitized data to compute electric powerflow, display an efficiency map and more.

Originally presented on August 25, 2021