Transform CAE-based Fatigue Analysis with Aqira

As the use of engineering software continues to increase for all aspects of design and test, companies are looking for ways to enable more engineers to perform sophisticated simulations. With more engineers equipped to perform analyses, how do you make sure the right people have appropriate access to the right analysis process? How do you avoid inconsistencies and wasteful duplication of processes in your organization? 

Aqira provides a purpose-built way of storing and more importantly sharing analysis processes. Processes can be shared with groups or individual users and distribution controlled. Shared processes can be searched based on metadata and custom tags all through a web-based interface. Analysis can be performed via a secure web-browser or downloaded for local calculations. 

This presentation provides an introduction to Aqira and highlights recent developments that facilitate process management and advanced CAE-based fatigue analysis using nCode DesignLife.

Originally presented on September 4, 2018