Test Data Analysis for Aerospace

Presented by Kurt Munson, Engineering Manager, HBM-nCode. Aerospace engineers are challenged with maintaining the reliability, safety and robust operation of aircraft and equipment. These engineering challenges are broad in scope, ranging from managing vibration to predicting and extending product life to quickly validating new designs. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how powerful data processing software, nCode GlyphWorks, is designed to meet these needs, with specific application to durability, fatigue, and vibration analysis
Topics include:

  • Creating accelerated shaker profiles for product validation testing
  • Analysis of fatigue life, including crack initiation and crack growth
  • Analysis of vibration, including rotating machinery
  • Aircraft structural health monitoring
  • Quickly process large amounts of data
  • Directly read and write many industry formats
  • Create standardized processes that can be controlled and distributed
  • Integration of MATLAB and GlyphWorks to develop custom data processing capabilities
  • Applications include airframe, engine, and landing gear.