Random Vibration Fatigue Capabilities in nCode DesignLife

Vibration Fatigue is a failure mode that can affect many components and assemblies under repeated loading. Such vibration loading inputs can activate resonance conditions which require estimation of stresses from a dynamic FE run. In nCode DesignLife, these dynamic stresses can be paired with random PSD excitations in the frequency domain to obtain fatigue answers. In addition to stress-life analysis, nCode DesignLife also covers strain-life, spot weld and seam weld analysis in the frequency domain.

In this webinar we will look at:

  • Overview of vibration Fatigue capabilities in nCode DesignLife and focus on random vibration capabilities in particular
  • Simulating a shaker table test virtually in nCode DesignLife for better test-CAE correlation
  • Multiaxis PSD capabilities for analyzing components that are subjected to multiaxial vibrations simultaneously in real life
  • Application to both parent metal and welds

Originally presented on April 16, 2020