Introduction to nCode DesignLife for Frequency Domain Fatigue

Dynamic fatigue analysis performed in the frequency domain provides insight into failure modes where input loading interacts with the natural frequencies of different components. This frequency-domain approach offers shorter run times and the ability to correlate FE results with measured data from shaker testing. Using Vibration Fatigue options in nCode DesignLife, dynamic stresses from FE runs can be paired with random PSD, sine sweep, sine dwell, or sine-on-random excitation in the frequency domain to predict structural response and obtain fatigue answers. 

In this presentation, we will look at: 

  • Random vibration and sine sweep capabilities for frequency domain fatigue
  • Virtual shaker testing for improved correlation of measured test data with CAE results
  • Multi-axis PSD capabilities for analyzing components that are subjected to multiaxial vibrations simultaneously in real life
  • Some parent metal applications with a brief review of welds and composites applications

Originally presented on March 16, 2021