GlyphWorks Accelerated Testing: Not Just for Developing PSD Based Shaker Profiles

The use of Accelerated Testing is common place for developing PSD shaker profiles. The glyphs that we use to generate these tend to be a canned glyph that we feed in time histories or PSD's, we enter a few parameters and get a representative PSD. Due to this simplicity we have found that users of the software don't really understand how to interpret the results of the FDS and then don't know how to properly use it as a tool for other purposes. This presentation gives an easy way to interpret the results of an FDS and then shows how to use the interpretation for:

  • Turning an invalid test into useful information
  • Comparing alternate supplier test qualifications
  • Duty Cycle Development or Time History Damage Editing
  • Determination of a non-Gaussian damage factor

Presenter: Phil Korth, Harley-Davidson Originally presented on March 4, 2015 at the 2015 HBM-nCode Products User Group Meeting in Livonia, Michigan (USA).