Fatigue Curves and Weibull Analysis using nCode GlyphWorks

There are many useful small tools in the nCode Glyphworks toolbox. One of these is the Weibull Calculator. This presentation is a short tutorial on using the nCode Glyphworks Weibull Calculator with S/N Curve test data. The intent is to show how to develop and examine S/N curve distribution inputs that one might use for the S/N Glyph. We will discuss 4 ways of viewing S/N data distributions from Weibull Data, and the Band limits for Reliabiity and Confidence Intervals. We will also discuss how to normalize test data taken at multiple loads to get a test data distribution that reflects the full sample size

This demonstration also uses the multi-column or Excel input glyphs and the calculator glyphs and various display glyphs

Presenter: Dave Woerner, Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies Originally presented on March 4, 2015 at the 2015 HBM-nCode Products User Group Meeting in Livonia, Michigan (USA).