Ensuring Aircraft Integrity through Streamlined and Automated Data Process

The landscape of the aerospace industry is advancing rapidly, in order to stay competitive companies must strive to make components lighter, run at higher operating speeds, and survive at higher temperatures, all without sacrificing mechanical integrity. As this trend continues, engineers are required to perform more extensive and new types of testing and simulation to ensure they meet the required reliability, quality, and durability standards demanded by the industry. In doing so, companies are quickly amassing huge amounts of data that needs immediate processing. Demonstrating specific capabilities, the presenter will highlight ways to streamline and automate your data processing and reporting needs using nCode software. Watch this video to learn how nCode software can be used for:

  • Waterfall Analysis
  • Joint-Time Frequency Analysis
  • Order Tracking and Campbell Plotting
  • Accelerated Shaker Profile Creation
  • Test-Based and CAE-Based Stress-Life/Strain-Life Fatigue Analysis
  • Single Axis, Sequential, and Multiaxial CAE-Based Vibration Fatigue
  • Python and Matlab Custom Code Integration Automated Reporting