Composites: Fatigue Testing and Predictive Capabilities

The range of structural composite materials on the market is vast but all are typically made of a polymeric matrix reinforced by continuous or discontinuous fibres. The wide variety of fibre and matrix types along with the multiple fibre arrangement possibilities makes FRP composites behave in a more complex way than conventional metals. Such materials are inherently heterogeneous and as a result, they not only have a strong anisotropic behaviour but also predicting failure can be challenging. Historically the solution has been to focus on experimental testing but the amount of testing on full size components can be significant.

When combined with experimental test data derived from a pyramid of testing approach, the Composite Failure Analysis module in nCode DesignLife gives a method of exploring how the laminate design might influence the fatigue behaviour of composite components in service.

In this 45-minute webinar, Dr. Peter Heyes - Technical Specialist at HBM Prenscia, will explain how to predict intra-laminar failure in long continuous FRP composite structures subjected to real life multiaxial loading conditions.

  • Overview of the Composite Failure Analysis module in DesignLife
  • How to select the right failure criterion from a list of industry standard versions
  • Experimental methods for obtaining the material properties required for DesignLife
  • How to combine experimental testing with analysis to refine designs

Originally presented on October 9, 2018