Prenscia User Success: Accuride's Commercial Truck Wheel Accelerated Test Load Development Using nCode Glyphworks and DesignLife

Commercial truck wheels are safety critical fatigue components that potentially can impact us whether we drive heavy trucks or just share the roads. Good engineering along with proper test validation is critical to assure safe and robust designs. Technology advances have enabled wheel designs to become increasingly efficient (increased loads with less mass). To maintain safety and robustness it is necessary to have higher confidence in how actual product history relates to accelerated validation testing. The current work will present methodology using nCode GlyphWorks for capturing field loading and strain histories and developing a representative accelerated biaxial load spectrum that has equivalent fatigue damage. Validation of the load spectrum will be done with the same strain-gauged wheel using an indoor test machine. The developed load spectrum can also be used to with nCode DesignLife to provide predicted fatigue damage.

Originally presented on June 2, 2020