Building Signal Processing Graphically using nCodeDS

Engineers need to gain meaningful insights from both test measurements and real-world usage data in order to reduce development, operational and warranty costs. Today, getting access to this data is not necessarily difficult, but running high performance data fusion, cleaning, transformation and engineering analytics is becoming more and more of a challenge due to the quantity of new data produced every day.

Designed for scalable deployment within the web-based Aqira platform, nCodeDS (nCode Digital Streams) provides both the performance and the engineering functionality required to analyze high volumes of digital bus data, connected vehicle data and a wide range of other data sources. nCodeDS is available in a Python environment enabling a high degree of flexibility. Now nCodeDS is also accessible through a brand new graphical drag-and-drop user interface, which makes the creation of analytics processes quick and easy. In this webinar, we will look at:
  • What is an nCodeDS network and why is it so powerful
  • How to create an nCodeDS process graphically
  • Sharing an nCodeDS process using an app with no coding required