Big Data Analytics for Engineers

Big data is a generic term that describes a large volume of data, which can be mined and used as inputs to sophisticated analytics applications. It is often associated with the 3 Vs: the large volume of data, the variety of data types, and the velocity at which the data must be processed. The availability of high-speed networks and big data systems enable the ingestion and storage of large quantities of sensor data or data from digital busses. Engineers want to make use of this to understand how a product is actually used or to model complex physical phenomena. Engineers will therefore want to analyze big data sets to reveal patterns, trends, extract population-based statistics, etc.

This webinar will show how the main challenges associated with engineering Big Data Analytics can be addressed. A live demonstration of Aqira and nCodeDS will illustrate the benefits of using nCode products to rapidly get actionable insights from huge quantities of data.

Originally presented on December 11, 2019