Benefits of Using nCode GlyphWorks Instead of Microsoft Excel for Processing Measured Data

Spreadsheet programs are a readily available business tools that offer features for organizing and analyzing columns of data. However, spreadsheets present limitations for those involved in analyzing sensor data and looking to deliver robust engineering insights, collaboration and encapsulate processes.

This webinar will describe how engineering analytics software such as nCode GlyphWorks addresses the challenges of processing time series data, handling different file formats, and sharing processes for re-use. These processes may include the use of specific engineering analysis tools such as rainflow cycle count, classification histograms, digital filtering and frequency spectra. Examples will demonstrate how nCode GlyphWorks simplifies the task of building analysis workflows and provides various ways of displaying time series data, with overlays, zoom, cursors, etc. as well as displaying other data types such as 3D histograms or waterfall spectra.

Originally presented on October 27, 2021