Automatic Reporting in nCode

As a practicing engineer, it is often a requirement to produce an analysis report to brief managers, provide technical background to non-specialists associated with a project, or to make recommendations to technical supervisors. These technical reports usually contain the description of input data, results obtains, properties used for analysis, plus some other information like location, names, etc. 

nCode GlyphWorks, VibeSys and DesignLife are powerful analysis and CAE simulation tools designed to handle and rapidly analyze huge amounts of data in a graphical, process-oriented environment. Users can simply create an analysis workflow by 'dragging and dropping' analysis building blocks. Example applications include processing and extracting information from engineering test data, predicting fatigue life from finite element results or test data and producing a damage-equivalent test specification for a test rig. 

In addition to its powerful analysis and CAE simulation capabilities, nCode GlyphWorks, VibeSys and DesignLife feature the ability to produce reports with just a few mouse clicks. The report is typically inserted and saved with a workflow so it becomes fully automatic. This presentation will focus on showing the Studio Display glyph through various examples involving nCode software.

Originally presented on November 6, 2018