An Update on Materials Engineering & Selection

Materials engineering is developing at a rapid pace. New materials, which boast improved performance in many areas, are continually being introduced. At the same time, many traditional materials are being either changed or withdrawn through environmental legislation. Fatigue resistance is only one attribute of a material. As design engineers working in fatigue, it is important that we understand how fatigue performance is affected by changes in our materials. How do we specify fatigue performance? How do we know if a proposed material is a suitable replacement for an existing solution? Very often the understanding that led to those original solutions has been lost in time and we certainly do not want to reproduce errors of the past. As a person with design responsibility you might consider the following What questions should the materials specialist be asked?

  • What data are needed to support the design?
  • Can I guarantee the suitability of this material for fatigue?

This video will provide a brief introduction to materials engineering and selection for new design engineers as well as offer a refresher course for senior engineers.