Additive Manufacturing: Design for Fatigue

The rapid development in additive manufacturing processes to enable weight reduction of components through structural optimisation and use of complex geometry and hollow structures has gained huge momentum across all industries.


In many cases very little is understood about the effect of aspects such as sub surface porosity or even surface roughness on mechanical properties. Whilst various studies have shown comparable or even improved static properties from AM to traditional wrought or cast parts, frequently this does not translate to improved fatigue properties. Fatigue cracks are known to grow from surface imperfections and inclusions/porosity which can both be present in AM structures.


In this 45 minute webinar, an expert in the field of fatigue testing and analysis will guide you through:

  • How nCode DesignLife can be used in conjunction with experimental test data to design AM parts for fatigue and durability.

Originally presented on April 10, 2018