Accelerate Engineering Insights with Data Search

Engineers are increasingly faced with the challenge of locating relevant data in today’s landscape of multiple data sources and storage options. Volumes of data are being acquired at rates not previously possible, yet the percentage of data actually analyzed is still very small. Time is spent searching for data critical to providing engineering insights for understanding product performance instead of other, more critical areas of operational concern like reducing time-to-market. If data could be found quicker, projects could move forward, and analyses performed with greater confidence. 

Join us for this 45-minute webinar for an introduction to a server-based product from HBM Prenscia called Aqira that comes with powerful database capabilities pre-installed. In this webinar, we will explore search capabilities in Aqira that enable you to perform data-related searches and narrow down your queries into more targeted results, so you can more immediately find and apply to analyses to solve your engineering challenges.

Originally presented on October 29, 2019