DesignLife | Fatigue of Gray Cast Iron Powertrain Components

Reliability and durability fit together in product validation testing. Often the product’s life requirement is specified as needing to last for a certain duration with certain reliability and confidence requirements, like this: 

‘The part must be free of visible cracks with a reliability greater than 90% with 90% confidence after being subjected to lab loading representative of 4,000 service hours.’

Durability analysis, life data analysis and reliability analysis can help engineers answer critical questions like how long to test and how many parts to test in order to meet these life requirements. HBM Prenscia software provides tools to help answer these challenging questions. 

This webinar concentrates on: 
  • Introducing reliability to the durability test
  • What is the Weibull distribution
  • Test specifications, reliability and confidence levels
  • Number of samples to be tested