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When Data is the mission

Dynetics Relies on DAQ System to Get Structural Test Data Right

Dynetics provides engineering, scientific, and IT solutions to the national security, cybersecurity, critical information, and space sectors. The solutions include services as well as software and hardware ranging from components to complex end-to-end systems. To serve government and commercial space projects, in 2019, the company opened its Aerospace Structures Complex in Decatur, Alabama, about 30 miles from its Huntsville, Alabama, headquarters.


Dynetics was in need of the latest structural testing tools available to evaluate the capabilities of its United Launch Alliance Vulcan Centaur booster among many other projects, ensuring it can cope with extreme forces during flight. 


Dynetics selected the HBK’s MGCplus data acquisition system to acquire data from more than 3,000 strain gauges and over 300 full-bridge pressure transducers, along with additional sensors. The MGCplus, a versatile tool that can acquire not only strain data but also force, displacement, torque, and temperature data as well as voltage and current. It can include single- and multiple-channel amplifiers for almost all physical quantities and can scale up to 20,000 channels. It works with the CANHEAD system, which allows distributed amplifiers to be located close to the strain gauges or other sensors, significantly reducing wiring and installation costs. 


The data system from HBK has improved the efficiency and accuracy of testing, enabling Dynetics to provide better services to government and commercial space projects. Customer are able to observe tests and analyze results.