Durability testing and monitoring structural performance

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Lightning II program performs full-scale testing on aircraft airframes to ensure they meet full life design requirements. These large scale tests generate tremendous amounts of data that must be monitored and stored for assessment.

In support of this testing, nCode GlyphWorks is used in association with nCode Automation to store and process static and durability test data. These tests are a key element of the structural certification of the airframe design. GlyphWorks is used to translate raw strain gage data, and collate lists of channels to assess against pre-defined criteria. The flows capture Max / Min strain levels and compute average values, standard deviation and slope for load cases which repeat throughout the load spectrum. Any drift or step change in the strain data is "flagged" by GlyphWorks which compares the most recent data to historical data collected as the test is running. Test data for lists of "flagged" channels are reviewed visually and identify areas of concern that require further evaluation and inspection(s). The output and plots generated by GlyphWorks are compiled at the end of each test block and presented in reviews with F-35 engineering and customer personnel.