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InnoTrans 2022

simulation of a car, a team viewing an airplane model and an engineer on the computer using software for HBK Technology Days 2021

The world’s leading trade fair for transport technology


The 2022 edition of InnoTrans took place on 20-23 September in Berlin, Germany. We were in hall 23, booth 315.


With 2,834 exhibitors from 56 countries, in 2022 InnoTrans is the industry’s leading international trade fair, occupying all of the Berlin exhibition grounds. Exactly 137,394 trade visitors from 131 countries filled the 42 exhibition halls, the outdoor display and track area as well as the bus display.


Thank you for visiting HBK at this event! You can now access and download the documents regarding our Products and Solutions for the Rail industry.

Latest developments in the Rail industry

InnoTrans is the leading international trade fair for transport technology and takes place every two years in Berlin, Germany. Sub-divided into the five trade fair segments Railway Technology, Railway Infrastructure, Public Transport, Interiors and Tunnel Construction, InnoTrans occupies all 42 halls available at Berlin Exhibition Grounds. The InnoTrans Convention, the event’s top-level supporting programme, complements the trade fair and is streamed live.


Four days in September 2022 during which the Rail transport technology world met to exchange ideas and views: the trade fair with 2,834 exhibitors in 42 exhibition halls and the Outdoor Display was rounded off by a high-level supporting program.


The starting event was the Opening Ceremony with over 1000 invited guests from the business, political and media communities.


The InnoTrans Convention included Dialogue Forums as well as exhibitor presentations at the Speakers’ Corners which were available in each of the five segments for the first time at InnoTrans 2022.

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Predictive Maintenance

Success Stories

Bombardier achieves 8 times faster validation of wagon ride and safety with nCode GlyphWorks


Bombardier Transportation is one of the world’s leading companies in the rail equipment manufacturing and servicing industry. The company’s manufacturing operation in Derby builds passenger rail vehicles for the UK market. The company’s test facility in Derby provides independent testing services to rail vehicle owners and operators in the UK, Europe and worldwide. European freight wagons require compliance with a number of rail vehicle ride and safety standards such as the European Standard BS EN 14363. In the past, it took about 160 hours to analyze test data to verify compliance with this safety standard. The data analysis flow typically consists of filtering data, performing frequency analysis, and statistical analysis and generating reports.


Bombardier Transportation now uses HBK nCode GlyphWorks test data analysis software to automate this process, reducing the time required to analyze test data from 160 hours to about 20 hours. In addition to saving time, the automated process provides a very high level of assurance that the data analysis procedures required to validate compliance with the standard have been followed to specification.


Case Study

Superior insights improve availability, safety and compliance for Rail


HBK Prenscia Solutions partnered with a rail operator client to supply, configure, integrate and implement a Reliability Tracking and Corrective Action Management System. The system offers superior insights into emerging problems and the impact of implemented improvements.


Infrastructure Monitoring


Infrastructure structural monitoring: tunnel, bridge, and wayside train monitoring


Discover how HBK monitors infrastructures like a tunnel, bridges, and wayside trains. The monitoring of structural behavior can detect anomalies in time, thus enabling maintenance and repair to be implemented more efficiently, which immediately results in reduced operating costs. Replacing schedule-driven maintenance with condition-based maintenance is the main goal of infrastructure monitoring.




Wayside Measurement


Argos® KI


The Argos® AI was developed to find a method to make predictive maintenance of the wheels as simple and efficient as possible. The OOR (Out-of-Roundness) value of each wheel can be predicted with great accuracy 3 months into the future.


Argos® AI is not only checked once, but always with the latest data during operation and further improved to achieve the most accurate result. Through these predictions, it is possible to plan the maintenance of the rolling stock and its wheels and to minimise unplanned downtimes. This also enables more efficient utilisation of the vehicle's service life.





ARGOS® CENTRAL Server is a browser-based application for monitoring and interaction with Argos® CENTRAL Agent. Argos® CENTRAL Client is a web service for querying monitoring and operational data. Discover more about these systems.



Wayside Train Monitoring

The modular design of Argos® is its strength. Argos®is continuously developed to adapt to changing application requirements. Argos® can be extended from the cost-effective and simple wayside train monitoring system (WTMS) to the precise and efficient wayside train monitoring and measurement system (WTM+M system) at any time.


The more accurate the measurement data in WTMS systems is the more safely and precisely you can implement changes to your existing rail system. Only valid measurement data allow the development of further business models and strategies for preventive maintenance and cost reduction measures.


Railway construction machines and special vehicles


The ARGOS® Weigh In Motion (WIM) system is for the measurement of wheel-rail parameters that is used for more than 20 years in harsh railway operations. It measures vertical and longitudinal forces are measured during train crossings at operating speed and the remaining parameters. Discover more about this dynamic weighing system for rail vehicles.


Onboard Measurement


Overhead line monitoring and dynamic catenary force control


Reduce track interruption by continuously assessing the overhead power line condition through the direct installation of a fully optical measurement solution on the pantograph of regular operating trains. Discover more about our Pantograph Monitoring Solution.