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HBK Aerospace Days India

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Find out more about our innovative test and measurement solutions for Aerospace applications and challenges!

Ever-shortening design and development time frames within modern Aerospace and Space programmes, demand ‘right-first-time’ engineering. Efficiency, safety, total reliability, high performance, comfort and compliance with environmental directives are crucial aspects of the Aerospace industry with engineers pushing materials and structures to physical limits to gain even the smallest improvement.

As a trusted partner throughout the product life cycle – from development, deployment, and ongoing operation – HBK remains dedicated to driving innovation, delivering exceptional results, and ensuring the success of its clients in the Aerospace and Defence industry.

HBK Aerospace Days India Programme

Attend our seminars live or join us online.

Registration: Participation is free of charge, but to ensure your place, please register before 15 November 2023.

Location: AeSI, Bangalore

Location: Hyatt Regency, Trivandrum

Session 1 - Structural Testing - Today and Tomorrow

The presentation will provide an introduction into structural testing today and the future challenges arising from the use of new materials and new propulsion technologies. It will show how our latest developments help to address these challenges with special focus on efficient testing and interoperability. Our involvement in a government-funded research programme to accelerate structural testing will also be presented.

Session 2 - Improving the Durability and Efficiency of Aircraft With Powerful Analysis

Aircraft products are complex, expensive and have a long lifecycle. Development often starts virtually with simulation playing a role in achieving the desired results. However, results still need to be validated by physical testing of prototypes to increase confidence and data integrity before production. The presentation will outline how high-quality, time- and cost-efficient testing is critical to meeting program milestones, and how HBK adds real value to the development and validation process by providing integrated solutions for test and measurement.

Session 3 - HBK's Noise and Vibration Testing Solutions

HBK offers best-in-class acoustic and structural testing and monitoring solutions throughout the  lifecycle. The same hardware system can also be used with ground vibration testing, condition monitoring, rotating machinery analysis, noise source identification, noise certification, etc.. This session will give an overview about HBK's modular and scalable solutions, which helps to increase the structure’s service life and safety.

Session 4 - A complete landing gear multibody solution for ground and in-flight maneuvers using Vi-Aircraft

VI-Aircraft, an engineering team can quickly build a complete, parameterized model of a new aircraft, easily defining its landing gear layout, wheel arrangement, energy absorption, and other vital characteristics. Learn how Quickly build, test, and refine aircraft landing gear designs, exploring many “what-if alternatives.” A user can,  change a strut metering pin with only a few mouse clicks, instead of waiting for a mechanic to install a new metering pin, as required with physical testing.

As Well as Hearing From Renowned Experts You Can Also:

  • Listen to keynote addresses by industry veteran
  • Get an introduction to HBK FUSION, our next-generation data acquisition (DAQ) hardware platform
  • Learn about new technologies that make testing easier for faster decision-making
  • Get a complete overview of HBK’s aerospace testing solutions for structural integrity, ground vibration testing and analysis, noise testing and analysis, space vehicles and satellite qualification, and structural lifetime analysis durability software
  • Interact with the best brains in the industry during the interactive Q&A session
  • Network and meet other attendees