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Learn durability engineering principles and theory + hands-on software usage

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Our unique approach to durability engineering education is focused on the primary objective of teaching core subject and underlying fundamentals. The training solutions we offer will improve the productivity of your employees while making your business compliant and competitive. Attendees gain analysis experience using best-in-class software applications to facilitate and enhance their learning experience through extensive hands-on examples and real world case studies.

Discover the benefits of private training

Cater the training to your organization's needs

We help you develop a training plan that meets your workforce's specific training requirements. Our team identifies and assesses your needs to ensure we develop a course that meets all of your objectives.

Enjoy cost savings and custom pricing

Pricing is customized based upon size of the group, length of the course, course materials and instructors. You will also save on the time and cost of delegate travel.

Curate the schedule and course focus

We work with you to ensure courses are structured and delivered to meet your organization’s culture and work priorities.

Get personalized answers from knowledgeable instructors

All our trainers are experts in their field and have a wealth of practical experience.

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