Next Era of Data Acquisition and Processing – HBK FUSION and ADVANTAGE

With the growing number of innovations, access to fast and reliable results during product development is more important than ever. As the number of physical prototypes is constantly reduced, testing time is extremely precious. A high level of confidence in the right test and measurement tools is critical to accelerating product development, qualification, and certification.


The versatile multiphysics application platform HBK FUSION and HBK ADVANTAGE for lab and bench is designed to meet your measurement needs with high performance, reliability, and efficiency. An efficiency characterized by an intuitive and customizable user interface, high scalability and flexibility, and easy and secure collaboration within teams to make the right decision with just a few clicks.


HBK’s new data acquisition is the first one to introduce the Blueberry Open DAQ Architecture enabling a new way of communication, operation, and standardization into Test & Measurement.


Thanks to a high level of application-specific know-how and over six decades of data physics experience in the mechanical, electrical, thermal and acoustics domains, HBK is your reliable partner placing great emphasis on data integrity. 





Learn more about the new data acquisition system here:


The open, reliable, powerful, and future-proof data acquisition system. 


The open, powerful modern and future-proofeasy-to-use data acquisition software.

Going the Extra Mile: The Turn-key Solution

HBK’s seamless toolchain from sensors and data acquisition hardware and software to data analysis bridges the gap between simulation, physical testing, and data analysis and goes hand in hand with the global services and support. 

Benefit from Excellent Service and Support


  • Engineering services to enhance your product and engineering capabilities  
  • Continuous firmware and software Updates providing continuously new features
  • Regular calibration service ensures high-quality data and provides full traceability

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