HBK FUSION: Efficient, powerful, and reliable data acquisition

The versatile HBK FUSION data acquisition system is designed to become the all-rounder for your measurement needs to develop, qualify, and certify new products in a fast-moving environment – whether it be in the lab or the bench.


HBK FUSION covers your measurement needs to assess all aspects of structural integrity. This versatility puts your team one step ahead.


Benefit from dedicated input boards. Our bridge board (B201-10) to measure strain, force and temperature etc and our CCLD board (B301-12) to measure acceleration and vibration.

High Efficiency

  • Reduce total test duration by speeding up the setup process up to 30%
  • Toolless changing of input boards allows adaptions of the DAQ system in the field in no time
  • Highly scalable and flexible with universal inputs

Enhanced Usability

  • High system performance and throughput up to 100 MS/s
  • Up to 160/192 measurement channels per housing
  • Scalable channel numbers and time synchronized data

Future-Proof Performance

  • Redundant storage and advanced network technologies to prevent any data loss
  • Six decades of data physics experience in the mechanical, electrical, thermal and acoustics domains
  •  Made for continuous testing for days, weeks, months, or even years

Choose the Right Boards for Your Testing Needs

Reaching a new level of trust

Ideally equip your test setup for lab and bench with a rack version, offering you:


  • Increased reliability (MTBF increased by more than factor 2), including hot swap of cards during a measurement or additional storage for redundant and/or autonomous recording
  • High performance of up to 100 MS/s sum data rate
  • Advanced security thanks to https, authentication, and authorization

Going the Extra Mile: The Turn-Key Solution

HBK’s seamless toolchain from sensors and data acquisition software to data analysis can perfectly be combined with the versatile multi-physics HBK FUSION data acquisition system and goes hand in hand with the global service and support.

Benefit from Excellent Service and Support

  • Engineering services to enhance your product and engineering capabilities
  • Continuous firmware updates with latest features
  • Regular calibration service ensures high-quality data and provides full traceability


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