HBK ADVANTAGE: Accelerate Productivity and Efficiency

The HBK ADVANTAGE data acquisition software marks an important step into the future of testing. No matter how long your workday is, the individual, modern and ergonomic design of the software will make your work easy and fast. 


The increase in efficiency and productivity is already noticeable during the parameterization of your measurement setup. The software automatically sets up your sensors and assigns images to the measurement points with the HBK COMPANION app.


Starting your measurement has never been so easy. Simply hop to the visualization page to get immediate feedback and easily share the results with your colleagues.

High Efficiency

  • Reduced Setup Time with the HBK COMPANION App
  • Fast and Traceable Results
  • Openness on all levels to achieve your individual setup agilely 

Enhanced Usability

  • Dark mode and zooming for high usability on long working days
  • Undo/redo to reverse changes.
  • Intuitive and customizable user interface gets you up to speed without any training

Future-Proof Performance

  • 64-bit architecture supporting multiple cores and enabling highest data throughput and smooth workflow
  • Flexible web-based technology enabling long-term reliability and easy collaboration
  • Six decades of data physics experience in the mechanical, electrical, thermal and acoustics domains

Tips & Tricks for HBK ADVANTAGE

Learn more about the different functionalities of HBK ADVANTAGE. Check out our video tutorials, tech-notes and case studies!

HBK ADVANTAGE Knowledge Base

Product Structure

HBK ADVANTAGE offers a rich set of standard functionalities paving the way into the future.


  • Token-based licensing for high flexibility in using
  • Channel configuration directly in the software or via the HBK COMPANION app
  • Live processing/calculation of data
  • Wide range of live visualization of all data
  • Dark and light mode
  • Enhanced recording including trigger scenarios


HBK ADVANTAGE offers a free version for simple measurement setup and data acquisition, more sophisticated functionality with a new token-based licensing model. Learn more about the benefits of token-based licensing (link to explaining video).

HBK Companion App

The HBK COMPANION app is designed to become the test engineer’s best friend. It supports in:


  • Documentation of measurement points in the field
  • Reading sensor specs from QR codes
  • Creating complete setup parameter sets for data acquisition
  • Matching sensors and hardware inputs
  • Documentation of sensor location/position/direction/orientation

Interested in HBK ADVANTAGE?

Get your free trial version of HBK ADVANTAGE data acquisition software and test the core functionality.


Going the Extra Mile: The Turn-Key Solution

The reliable HBK ADVANTAGE data acquisition software can be combined perfectly with HBK’s sensors and the data acquisition systems HBK FUSION and goes hand in hand with the global service and support. With HBK’s microservice-based architecture, you have access at all levels, ensuring that the open platform concept optimally meets your measurement and testing requirements.

Benefit from Excellent Service and Support

  • Engineering services to enhance your project and engineering capabilities
  • Continuous software updates with latest featuresRegular calibration service ensures high-quality data and provides full traceability


Download the HBK FUSION and ADVANTAGE brochure and find out about the next era of data acquisition.

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